About Keith K. Wilhelm

I am a farm boy from East Palestine, Ohio.  I grew up working hard and playing just as hard, sometimes harder. I am one of the guys behind Integrative Health and Wellness.  The picture shows how I look when I clean up.

I love life and hate cancer.  When my mother found out that she had cancer she was so positive and tried everything in her power to win her battle.  What she didn’t know was that her cancer was extremely aggressive and would take her from this world in less than a year.

By the time I researched her diagnosis, discovered what she was fighting and finally found an alternative treatment that she could try, it was too late for her to get involved.   Mom passed away little more than a month later.  It’s tough to watch as a loved one slips on, and there is not one thing you can do to stop it.  If she could have received treatment from the place I found in Texas, she would have had a chance.  Traditional surgery, chemo and the radiation only prolonged her life a few months and made her life miserable.  Knowing that their was another possible treatment, that may have saved her life has plagued me ever since.  If only.

When I heard about my best friend Jim having cancer, I was relieved that it was caught very early and his chances were great.  Through his process we talked about Jim wanting to find a way to help others with cancer prevention, treatment and aftercare. Another friend, Dan Cesene, had just acquired a 501c3 non-profit for the purpose of propagating information on issues of health and wellness. All of us agreed that, at least one area that IHW needed to address was the area of Cancer. Consequently, this web site was born.

I am providing the tech support and administer the web site along with the investigative research and talks for local groups and organizations.   We have hopes of getting a grant in-order to take our program to higher levels.  We both do investigative work into the areas of diet, exercise and rejuvenation.  The alternative treatments for cancer are everywhere and it is hard to tell if some of them are hype or what they are.  At this current time we are leaving this part of the program to more highly trained and qualified experts in cancer treatments.  Yet, we will be adding links, notes and information about cancer options as they become available.

It is my belief that no matter what treatment you decide on, conventional and/or alternative or none at all, your health is what matters most to how well you make it through your ordeal.  So keep you’re-self healthy, do everything you can to stay fit and you’re chances of living cancer free increase. If you are unfortunate and find out you have cancer, it will be much easier to fight the crud because you are fit and trim.

Search through our web site and check out some of the many links to learn more on this.

As I said in the beginning I am a simple person and live a simple life trusting in God for guidance.  I worked most of my life as an automotive technician, and as an automotive and commercial industrial maintenance instructor for a large trade school.  I run several web sites including NowWhatDoIDoWithMyLife.com, promoting my book.  I presented relationship workshops for a while. These are a few of the things I do along with sitting on our back porch and watching the Humming Birds hum around.  Sometimes I get lost in Face Book.  You can Friend me if you want.

I also enjoy taking my wonderful wife Carol out for dinner.

We have been married since 1974.  WOW!

I pray that Integrative Health and Wellness is a blessing to you and your loved ones.

Keith K. Wilhelm

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