About Jim Freeman

Having survived cancer for the second time, I have a passion to be a part of the solution to this devastating condition. My friend, Keith Wilhelm and I have spent the last 12 months attempting to research the options that are available to some one who has received this diagnosis.

Jim Freeman

Jim Freeman

I have been though brachyi therapy, a very humiliating experience; and , now the traditional treatments of chemo and radiation.

After reading, searching on the internet. and talking to professional doctors (both Naturopatic and Medical) it is apparent that the path to recovery is a very personal path. There are as many differing factors in choosing a treatment protocol as there are people in the world.

I am a senior citizen. I am an educator of some 45 years. I have completed an M.Ed. ( 20+) years ago, and I am ABD at Younstown State University in the Educational Leadership Doctoral program.

My career is centered on learning how to teach children who are at-risk, minorities, and low socio-economic status. I presently have a small company, Chosenfast, LLC, through which I serve as a consultant to teachers, administrators and service providers.

I am a son, brother, husband, father, uncle, and a few other things!

I love flying.

I intend to be an advocate for finding alternative ways to deal with cancer. Reverse it. Cure it, Prevent it.

Finally, the Lord willing, I will culminate my career by writing the book entitled: “The Human Spirit in Learning and Teaching.”

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