Be Healthy !

Living a healthy life style involves several factors.

There are three main areas that need close attention, 1: Nutrition, 2: Sleep and exercise, 3: Stress.

Health equals happy living.

When you conquer all three of these you will notice a dramatic increase in your energy levels, your attitude will improve and sleep will come much easier.

My name is Keith K. Wilhelm and I just recently finished a training course in health and nutrition through Hallelujah Acres Health Ministry Program.  This came as the result of my working with Integrative Health and Wellness.  The more I researched into the cancer cures, health and wellness the more I wanted to improve my own health.

 I graduated and became an official Hallelujah Health Minister.

June 12, 2012 to July 18, 2012       Click here to see my certificate.

I first started what’s called juicing when a friend of mine, Belden Ham, commented to me about how he was using a program from Max Gerson to overcome his cancer.  (Just a note: his blood test show his cancer is reversing, fantastic news for my friend.)  A big part of this program is juicing.   I went out and bought a juicer and have seen a huge improvement in my health from the day I started it.  I must say that my health improvements would of been much better if I actually would have followed a plan, instead of just juicing (goofing) around.  Ha Ha.  Did you get my joke?

When I first started juicing, I also gave up soft drinks and finally coffee.  I cut way down on snacks, candy bars and ice cream, fried foods and meat, slowly over the following year.  As a result I lost 60 pounds in a little over a year.  Allergies were causing me huge problems, and I was taking two different 24 hour allergy pills each day and then at night I was taking Benadryl so I could sleep.

My next problem was heart burn. One morning I found myself in the hospital because of this problem.  After a two day stay, I learned that my heart was OK and I should take some heart burn medication.  This was a little embarrassing for me but it was also a huge relief to know that all these pains were from my heart burn.  So, I took stock in Prilosec and Tums.  They became a part of my daily diet.

My last problem was a mole on my right eye brow.  It had begun to grow and was turning red in spots.   When I started juicing and changing my diet, the mole was about 3/8 of an inch in diameter.  Today about a year later, it’s almost gone.

As of today, July 16, 2012, I have lost all most all of my excessive weight, five pounds to go, I have no more allergy problems, my heart burn is gone and that ugly mole is disappearing.  My energy levels have increased tremendously, and as Tony the Tiger would say, I feel Great…

A healthy life style can help reverse most health problems.

We will be offering health coaching programs very soon along with talks for your groups located in the Columbiana and Mahoning counties of Ohio.

Would you like to get started on a journey to excessive weight right now?  You just can’t wait?  OK.  You can begin by simply drinking water instead of soft drinks, you’ll begin feeling better right a way and you’ll probably start losing weight, depending on your circumstances.  Our bodies need water to function properly and soft drinks, diet or regular, coffee and any other specialty drinks do not provide the proper hydration.  They may quench your thirst as in the commercials, but they are not healthy.

You could also start cutting out some of the foods that you already know are bad for your health and replace them with some of the foods that are healthy. A good example would be to replace any fried foods you are now consuming with any of the many vegetables and fruits that are available at the farmers market.  I can’t tell you how many times my doctor has told me to cut out fried foods.

One other suggestion is to purchase a juicer, or dig the old one out of the garage that been stored away for years and start using it.  A healthy vegetable drink first thing in the morning is a tremendous health boost for your body.  It helps your body finish its nightly healing and rejuvenation process along with detoxification.

These simple steps will get you closer to the miraculous self healing body we all desire. One major step is to start feeding your body with healthy foods.

You can discover a ton of new healthy recipes by visiting Hallelujah Acres web site.  The recipes  are free or you can purchase one of their recipe book from their store.  If you should decide to purchase anything from Hallelujah Acres, please click through one of the Hallelujah Acre Banners you see around our site, which gives us credit and helps us run Integrative Health and Wellness.  The following is an working example:
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Be blessed and live well,

Keith K. Wilhelm

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