Blood Type


Cancer: Fight It with the Blood Type Diet, Peter J. D’Adamo and Catherine Whitney

The research behind the Blood Type Diet is soundly developed through more than 25 years of research and clinical practice. Dr. D’Adamo’s clinic is in Stamford, Connecticut.

To quote from the Introduction of this work,

“If you think of the standard Bood Type Diet as the foundation, the guidelines in this book provide a more targeted overlay for people who want act aggressively to achieve maximum health, prevent cancer, or treat precancerous or cancerous conditions.”

“These dietary and lifestyle adaptations, individualized by blood type, supply additional ammunition to your disease-fighting arsenal. Specifically they can activate your blood type’s immune system protective functions to ward off carcinogens, eliminate dangerous toxins, and destroy aberrant cancer cells.”

I am personally under the care of Dr. Ted Suzelis. We are utilizing this diet, supplements, and lifestyle protocol proposed by Cancer: Fight It with the Blood Type Diet.