In General, What Is Cancer?

According to the Sanoviv Medical Institute , Cancer is a name for a large group of over 100 diseases.

Now I am obviously, just a laymen. But in my reading and pondering this disease, it has struck me and Dr. Day ( alike, that cancer is cancer. To call it a ‘different kind of disease’ because it is found in a different part of the body, speaks of the scientific world’s overarching need to give the disease a name because it is found in different places of the body and looks different under the microscope. I am sure that different cells that have become cancerous behave differently, ie: respond to different medicines, at different rates of speed, with different results. However, much, much too much money and time has been spent ‘testing’ all of these variables.

By taking the ‘cancer is cancer’ approach, totally different conclusions are reached. Instead of just treating cancer with  radiation, and/or chemo; one corrects basic lifestyle errors such as diet, exercise, stress reduction or elimination. This allows the body to use its miraculous self-healing abilities. We have little faith in this type of thinking because we have little encouragement from the medical professionals; who, in turn, have little training in the natural approach.  (This is beginning to change.)

This is not to say that chemo and radiation do not have their value. It is obvious, in more and more cases that this is true. In my, vary unprofessional, opinion it is not a case of one treatment modality vs the other. Traditional treatments, in conjunction with natural treatments seems the best and most sensible approach to me.

My hope is that our medical professionals would spend more time educating themselves regarding the natural modality of treatment. We would all benefit.

Healthy Eating = Healthy Living

Nov 22nd, 2012

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