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Diet and Nutrition: Juicing saves the day.

I knew that vegetables had to be a big part of my diet if I was going to improve my health.  But how do I eat that much in my busy days? A friend of mine runs The Center For Inner Silence. He would often talk about how great juicing was.      Then one day my wife and I

Oct 17th, 2012
by Keith Wilhelm

What is a Healthy Diet?

Let’s Get Healthy and Have Some Fun Again! Over the river and through the woods… as the old story goes.  I grew up on a farm, doing all the good old farm boy things, like playing in the woods.  Our family ate very well, or so I thought.  I never went hungry, quite the contrary, once in awhile I went to bed stuffed.  Our

Aug 20th, 2012
by Keith Wilhelm

Cancer Survival, Stomach Cancer News at Thanksgiving.

Cancer Survival, Stomach Cancer News at Thanksgiving. I think I know, but I have no proof…only faith! Something was not right. I did not feel right for months. Several doctors, several tests, and several months later, I persisted with the medical community and found out – two days before Thanksgiving 2011 – that I had severe stomach cancer. The day

Mar 27th, 2012
by Keith Wilhelm