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Cancer Diet Connection

The Cancer Diet Connection! Cancer, the simple word puts fear in peoples eyes.  This disease according to the National Center for Health Statistics killed over a half a million people in 2001.  This makes cancer the second leading cause of death in America.  1 in 3 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their life time.  You currently know people that have died from cancer

Jan 20th, 2013
by Keith Wilhelm

In General, What Is Cancer?

According to the Sanoviv Medical Institute , Cancer is a name for a large group of over 100 diseases. Now I am obviously, just a laymen. But in my reading and pondering this disease, it has struck me and Dr. Day ( alike, that cancer is cancer. To call it a ‘different kind of disease’ because it is found in

Nov 22nd, 2012
by Keith Wilhelm

Cancer Survival, Stomach Cancer News at Thanksgiving.

Cancer Survival, Stomach Cancer News at Thanksgiving. I think I know, but I have no proof…only faith! Something was not right. I did not feel right for months. Several doctors, several tests, and several months later, I persisted with the medical community and found out – two days before Thanksgiving 2011 – that I had severe stomach cancer. The day

Mar 27th, 2012
by Keith Wilhelm