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How to Lose Weight Without Trying?

Over the years I have tried to lose weight by dieting and exercise.  It would work for a little bit then I would gain back that excess weight and gain more.  It seemed like a loosing battle.  The endless supply of fast food and sweets along with high calorie drinks and coffees loaded with all kinds of tasty sweeteners really pack on the pounds.

Dec 13th, 2012
by Keith Wilhelm

What foods support or fight cancer?

Vegetables and Fruits that support the body and immune system. The American Institute for Cancer Research shows these foods as cancer fighting foods and explains a little bit about each of them. Foods that fight cancer: Apples, Blueberries, Broccoli and Cruciferous Vegetables, Cherries, Flax seed  Legumes; Dry Beans, Peas and Lentils, Soy, Winter Squash, Berries, Dark Green Leafy Vegetables, Garlic, Grapes and Grape Juice, Green Tea,

Dec 9th, 2012
by Keith Wilhelm

How Can I Use Less Salt?

Ways to use less salt. We often here from our doctor to use less salt because it is bad for the heart, causes high blood pressure and causes water retention.  This is good advice. There are many ways to use less salt.  According to a Harvard newsletter, Healthbeat, the average American gets nearly 20 times the salt they need and

Dec 8th, 2012
by Keith Wilhelm

How Do I Make A Simple Delicious Juice Drink?

How do I get a great tasting juice drink from my garden? If you love carrots, beets and spinach you’ll love this drink to your health.  If you didn’t think you like one or more of these vegetables you may just want to give it a try, you may be in for a wonderful tasty surprise. Of course, if you don’t have these in

Dec 7th, 2012
by Keith Wilhelm

What Are The Health Benefits Of Carrot Juice?

My wife asked me this morning, “Why do you drink carrot juice?” My answer, “ because it tastes great and it is super power packed with nutrition and living enzymes. Carrot juice has been used to enhance diet and help people with cancer and many other diseases. Evangelist Lester Roloff was one to encourage people to eliminate animal foods, refined sugar and grains from your diet

Dec 6th, 2012
by Keith Wilhelm

Why is carrot juice so good for you?

My wife asked me this morning, “Why do you drink carrot juice?”  All I could say was it is recommended for the diet I live by and it tastes great.  So in order to better answer I decided to look up carrot juice.  The benefits I found were amazing and the reasons were so many that instead of trying to write about them all I have

Dec 4th, 2012
by Keith Wilhelm

How can I eat healthy?

Knowing what to eat in today’s society has become difficult.  It seems that truth in advertising has new meaning. If the food tastes good, if it looks good, if it quenches your thirst, if it makes you feel good for a few minuets, then its good for you.  If the food passes this test then its OK to advertise these facts as

Nov 30th, 2012
by Keith Wilhelm

Diet and Nutrition: Which diet works?

Heart attack or Heart Burn? Since I am in my 60′s I have been more concerned about my health. A few years back I began getting heart burn big time and ended up taking Prilosec, and eating Tums by the hand full, to prevent it.  The things I had been devouring caused the burning in my chest that often made

Nov 26th, 2012
by Keith Wilhelm

Whats the catch to a healthy body?

Hallelujah Acres Health Tips The above link to Rev. George Malkmus’s health tips tells us we have to do more than just adding some vitamins and minerals to our diet, or beginning to exercise, or just simply getting enough sleep every night.  I know of one man that went to bed every night at 9:00.  If he had company, he simply got up and

Nov 26th, 2012
by Keith Wilhelm

Diet and Nutrition: Lose weight with out trying.

I am a farm boy from Ohio, 6’2 and one day I tipped the scales at over two hundred and sixty-five big  pounds.  I carried it fairly well, or so I thought, till I looked at a picture someone had taken.  When I tried to tie my shoes I could hardly breath.  My energy level was about gone and I was coming down

Nov 22nd, 2012
by Keith Wilhelm