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Cancer Survival: Traditional verses

What is the right approach to cancer? The Baby or the Bath Water? Let’s talk about this idea of ‘integrative’ approach to fighting cancer. I have already said that ‘time was not on my side’. I literally had no choice about the path I was to take in combating cancer. There was less than three days between the day I found I

Nov 29th, 2012
by Keith Wilhelm

What is a Healthy Diet?

Let’s Get Healthy and Have Some Fun Again! Over the river and through the woods… as the old story goes.  I grew up on a farm, doing all the good old farm boy things, like playing in the woods.  Our family ate very well, or so I thought.  I never went hungry, quite the contrary, once in awhile I went to bed stuffed.  Our

Aug 20th, 2012
by Keith Wilhelm