Coach Jane

Hallelujah Health Ministers

Jane Park Smith believes every talent is gifted for the purpose of serving and uplifting others.  Seeing the steady and successful restoration of her own health through conscious, God-focused living, sharing her passion for helping others thrive with organic, natural, and local sustainable lifestyles has become another outlet for service in her multi-faceted vocational profile. She also enjoys a dynamic career as a creative professional behind and in front of the camera and enjoys speaking at events, especially when children or rescued animals are the beneficiaries!

Married to Jonathan Smith, this UCLA Bruin alum’s greatest desire is to continue to serve and speak out for the voiceless and oppressed worldwide while discovering greater wellness beginning within.  Jane is blessed to share the HAcres mission and health-restorative protocols with greatest emphasis in the transitional process to a more-plant-based, raw food experience.

Hallelujah Acres Certified Health Minister in the Los Angeles, California area.


You can contact Jane about coaching and questions at: