Coaching with the Hallelujah Acres lifestyle, by Keith K. Wilhelm

During my training with Hallelujah Acres I meet several people that I feel are outstanding, caring and loving people.  They are listed here under the Coaches in the menu bar above.  If you want to work with one of these coaches they will be excited about helping you in the discovery of a new lifestyle in the Hallelujah Diet.  We Juice up your life.  You won’t believe how great you will feel.

Hallelujah Health Ministers

If you wish to learn more about the fantastic benefits of the Hallelujah lifestyle you can visit the web site at .  If you decide to purchase anything from the Hallelujah Acres Store use our referral code GIO which gives us credit for your purchases and helps us to keep this web site up and running with current information.  If you decide to work with one of the listed health ministers then they can supply you with their referal code.  Please support whom ever you decide to work with.

This program has had fantastic results for people suffering with all kinds of illnesses.  Since most illnesses are caused by unhealthy diets, it just goes without saying that if you start eating a healthy diet and getting the proper diets your body will heal itself.  God gave use a miraculous self-healing body, which given the proper food, will stay healthy.    Below is a list of testimonials from people that have began the Hallelujah Diet and have had miraculous results.  Just click on the testimonial links you wish to explore.

Now that you are ammazed at what this lifestyle change can do for you its time to get started with a health coach or as they are called at Hallelujah Acres, Health Ministers.  Our health coaches will get you on the right track to health and answer any questions that you may have along your new journey.  Email us using the convienient form below, or email me at

More about Health Coach Keith K Wilhelm and  Health Coach Jane Park Smith