Coach Keith K. Wilhelm

Hallelujah Acres Health Minister Keith K Wilhelm

July 18, 2012 I finished my training with Hallelujah Acres Health Ministry Training. I am now certified through Hallelujah Acres to coach people through the most powerful nutrition program on the face of this earth.

Be Blessed, Eat Well and Live Well

“A Message of Hope and Healing for our disease stricken world.”

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Keith K Wilhelm is a certified health minister from Hallelujah Acres.  Keith trained to coach their healthy juicing program.  This powerful health diet has people recovering from cancer and many other diseases.  This diet is about optimal health, empowering the bodies self healing immune system.  If given the opportunity, the proper foods, our body will restore and maintain itself in optimal health.   See the hundreds of Testimonials listed on the Hallelujah Acres web site. From Allergies, Cancer, Heart and Fibromyalgia to Men and Women’s Health.

Over a year ago in 2010 a friend of mine, Belden told me he was starting a juicing program to fight his cancer.  Shocking to here from someone your are very close to.  Belden went on to explain that through super nutrition he was able to check his cancer count from his blood test and reverse them.  A miracle?  The body is a miraculous self healing mechanism which is capable of healing itself  if simply given the proper fuel and the opportunity to do so.

Coach Keith

This picture was taken after I had been on the HA Diet for several months. I was juicing for about a year. Lost 65 pounds in one year, cured of heart burn, and allergies, no more Prilosec, no tums, no more allergy pills. As Tony the Tiger would say, I feel great.

Cancer Recovery Diet Coaching

I am available for coaching only on a limited basis, because of this I will only take on clients that are dealing with cancer.  To get started, visit this link about our Hallelujah Recovery Diet and review the information.  If you are still interested, email me using the form below or my email address:  Include the best time to get in touch with you and include your  phone number.  If you are out of the US I will connect you with a certified health minister in your area.

If you are in the LA area, click here for Coach Jane.

If you are in Africa click here for Health Minister Rev. Mike.

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If you do not have a serious disease then I recommend that you visit this link:

( Hallelujah 60 Days to Reclaim Your Health )

Start the juicing and exercise programs which are available for free.  These people care about you.

Be blessed and live well,  Coach Keith.