You here it from the Yoga people, the health spas, everyone that has an exercise dvd to sell and you are going to here it here.  Get up off the couch and get some exercise.   Why?

A long time friend of mind, a farmer will tell you different though.  He says exercising is a waist of time, get out in the field and work.  Well all of us can’t get to a field, so weather you go to the field, garden or the spa, it is critical to get some exercise each day.

My friend Jim, the founder of IHW, is prof of this.  He is a two time cancer survivor. I didn’t know Jim the first time he went through cancer treatments, but this time I did and he was absolutely fantastic going through surgery, and then the traditional treatments.  Why?  Because he was in great shape.  Jim eats well and gets plenty of exercise.  When I heard he was going to go through this process, I thought, wow, Jim is in his seventies, this is going to take a toll on him.  Well naturally, when the doctors cut you up and then poison your body with chemo and radiation which, buy the way, both cause cancer, it’s takes a toll on your health.  I was amazed, Jim never lost all of his hair, he was always chipper, he never quit working, and was always in church on Sunday.  I’m not saying he didn’t have a few bad days, but he was not the normal.

Your health depends on healthy habits, what you feed your body, what you do with your body and mind.  Exercise is as important to your well being as what you eat, and what you do to relax.

Be well and do something strenuous, if your doctor says its OK.