Speaker Keith

Need a speaker for your your civic or community group or your church?  Want to create a health program for your organization? Call Keith K Wilhelm certified health minister, author and speaker,  available in Columbiana and close surrounding counties including Pennsylvania, our next door neighbor.

Keith will present his program, “A Message of Hope and Healing in a Disease Stricken World” for your group.  Whether your group is Christian based or not.  Keith will appeal to both audiences as does his program.  Health and hope in a world filled with heart disease and cancer, fibromyalgia and countless other diseases is a huge issue for Christians and non-Christians a like. Keith will not make religion an issue in his talks unless he is speaking to a Christian group.

  • Subjects include the following, you pick.

  • Why do we get sick?
  • Changes in our food supply?
  • Rising costs of health care.
  • Is it possible for disease to go away after just six months?  ”It did for me!”
  • Easy steps to turn your health around!
  • Disease is not the new normal!
  • A message of hope.

Coach Keith

This picture was taken after I had been on the HA Diet for several months. I was juicing for about a year. Lost 65 pounds in one year, cured of heart burn, and allergies, no more Prilosec, no tums, no more allergy pills. As Tony the Tiger would say, I feel great.

Contact Keith about speaking for your group by emailing your contact information to Keith@healthwellnesscancer.org or use the handy form below.  Your email will only be used for the purpose you wish, to contact and inform you.  Schedule is limited.

Keith is the author of “Now What Do I Do With My Life?” and co-author of “Pearls or Dragons, Winning The Battle Against Drug Abuse” and a small e-book on stress, “5 Steps to a Stress Free Life” available for free to all who attend your group for whom he speaks.

Keith presented relationship workshops in the Virginia Beach area in the late 90′s.  He is also a certified lay speaker for his local church. Keith has worked most of his life as an automotive technician, (That’s a mechanic that doesn’t get dirty.) Has served his community as a member of the Lions Club, and Church. Served 8 years on the Crestview Local School Board and represented the Crestview Local School Board on the Columbiana County Career Center in the 1980′s. Keith is also a current member of Toastmasters International Executive Club 408, located in Boardman, Ohio, since 1995.

Sailing Lake Erie has been one of Keith’s great passions along with, fishing, (I don’t put the worm on the hook, but I have some great fish stories.)