Health Coaching

Integrative Health and Wellness has impacted my life in dramatic ways.  The biggest impact is my health.  In my quest to research and develop our web site, along side of Jim Freeman and Dan Cesene, I have discovered what I believe is the greatest health program every developed.

“Hallelujah Acres Health Programs – We Juice Up Your Life”  

This program for health has taken me from being over weight, suffering with unrelenting allergies,and dry, red and itchy eyes along with sever heartburn that would wake me up in the middle of the night and have me wondering if I was having a heart attack.  After a year of erratic diet and life style changes my health has improved 110%.  I no longer suffer from these afflictions, I no longer take any medications to treat them, and my weight has disappeared. (One great thing about this program is that your weight problem just goes away, its not the focus, health is.) My added bonus from this health change was a mole that was growing and getting ugly red spots, above my right eye, has now shrunk to were it can barley be seen.

From my personal experiences and reading the testimonials of other people, I have been overwhelming sold on this lifestyle change.  As Tony the Tiger would say, “I feel grrrreat!”

Click here to see the thousands of people suffering from cancer to fibromyalgia to stroke recovery, the list is unbelievably huge:

It is my dream to use this program to help others gain the vibrant health and wellness that I am enjoying.  In the near future I will be providing coaching for The Hallelujah Acres Diet.  If you are interested you may contact me by email and state your objectives and how to contact you.  We do not diagnose or treat any disease or illness, we provide you with a method of improving your health through nutrition and exercise, your miraculous self-healing body can then do its thing, heal.

If you are interested in being coached through this program or simply want to tackle it on your own then contact me using the form below.  I will help you either way.

Your contact information is critical for us and to us, we will not share your information with anyone, that includes third party solicitors.  It will only be used to provide the information and services that you requested.

Thank you for your trust.