Health Related Products

Health Related Products help in creating a diet and physical wellness that is healthy and supports cancer prevention.

Health Related Products

We also have chosen to enter into  affiliate relationships with products and service companies that are related to cancer prevention, treatment and remaining cancer free.  Below are links to products and services we support.  We do appreciate purchasing your products through our links.

Water ionizers by Tyent USA,  Water for Wellness. Read more about how ionized water can boost your health and vitality, by clicking the banner:

TyentUSA:  Water is like the blood of the world, giving life to plants, animals and humans; our existence is explicitly connected to the quality of water available to us. With water being so vital to your existence, ensure that you are consuming it at its purest form.
Click here for more info about Cancer and Ionized Water.

Cold brew coffee,  less acidic

Juicer,  for a powerful punch, full of great nutrients

Magnet therapy,

Rife digital  Magnetic Frequencies, pads/mats  I thought twice about putting this one in because it sounds a little strange, but people like it and it seems to be doing some good.

Books that people are interested in can be found through our Resources Link Page.  Click the following link to view:

Cold brew coffee: reduces acidity 70


Magnet therapy

Rife digital  Magnetic Frequencies