Help I’m Sick and I Can’t Get Better!

Sickness is becoming more and more common place in our society.  Researchers are beginning to show that our diet is a major cause of this phenomenon.  If you look at our western diet, the Standard American Diet, it is filled with everything we have at our disposal to make our food very tasty.  Look at our fast foods, we have been told that fried food is bad for the heart, it is causing cancer and many other diseases, yet when you look at the menu boards, you see more and more fired foods, and now the new fad is to add bacon to every thing possible.  Fries  are full of unhealthy fats and then dosed in salt.  Does high blood pressure click here?  To top all this off we wash it all down with sugar loaded soda drinks,or we try to cut a few calories by adding chemicals as sweeteners instead of the sugar.  Is this a good thing, a healthy thing, does this diet provide a healthy body?  Absolutely not.

Just look at our health care system.  We just spent 2 trillion dollars to start the Obama Care system. 2 trillion dollars that we can’t pay for.  If you or I charged that much they would hang us.  The only problem is that we don’t have enough doctors and nurses to run this thing.  We have way too many sick people and the number of sick people out there is growing at an unbelievable rate.  Why, because our diet is getting worse at the same rate.

Make it taste good no matter the cost.  No matter the cost to our bodies. Salt, sugar, fat, flour, meats  polluted with antibiotics, steroids, hormones pesticides and who knows what else will be showing up in the meat supply as they continually push to produce more meat faster and a less cost.  Do you think they meat industry looks for ways to make the meat healthier?  I doubt that ever comes up.

As the result, we suffer in terms of health.  Heart disease is on the rise, cancer is increasing rapidly, diabetes is escalating, birth defects are climbing and so are all the other diseases.  Why? Because our diet affects our health.  When we eat healthy foods that our bodies were designed to live on our health is great.  When we eat unhealthy things our bodies can’t rebuild the million of cells they need to rebuild and repair each day, as a result, sickness sets in.

So, how do you get your health back?  Visit this site and check out his recovery diet for cancer patients.  Don’t have cancer, great, then click this link   and check out what eating the way God intended us to eat can do for you. Then watch you health blossom.  Its like the fountain of youth.  Its wonderful to have more energy and vitality than you had years ago.

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