Welcome to Integrated Health and Wellness.

Purpose of this Web Site and Blog:

We strongly believe that cancer is treatable, curable, and preventable; not just put into remission. The FDA, Pharmaceutical Companies, and other entities who stand to profit from the traditional methods of  treating cancer are slow to expend dollars researching ways to defeat cancer that cannot be patented. 

However, change is coming. This site has highlighted enough resources: books, web sites, CD’s, and personal testimonies to make the reader aware of what potentially is available to bring healing to anyone dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

The initial purpose of this web site was to research, categorize, and post valid cancer prevention and alternative treatment information to all who were in need of such information. After six months of research it became apparent there were others who had the same passion; and, had developed just such a web site/s with that same purpose. One such site, is Annie Appleseed Project, http://www.AnnieAppleseedProject.org/, Annie’s site gets 86,000 hits a day! Her site is nearly inexhaustible. Why did we need to re-invent the wheel?

So what is the real need? Six more months of struggling with the available information it became also apparent that there was a need for a site that raised awareness of the all of the available alternative possibilities of cancer prevention and treatment.

What can you hope to find on this site?

First, we approach cancer prevention and treatment as an entity of the entire Health and Wellness field. The pages on Wellness, will not only speak to cancer prevention, but to the health and wellness of the whole individual. The pages on exercise have the same focus. Cancer is only a small part of the intended, mature development of the web site. However, at the on set, cancer is the beginning point of the development of this site, and at this juncture, is significant enough to make public.

Please take advantage of interacting on our blog page. If you have questions, we possibly have the resources and personnel to help suggest an answer. (We are not doctors and cannot give medical advice.) Your experiences with cancer prevention and treatment are valuable. Share them with us and all who visit HealthWellnessCancer.org blog. Also, any information that you are aware of relevant to the Health and Wellness field in general, and cancer in particular is also sought after and welcomed.

We strongly believe that cancer is curable, not just put into remission. Read the information provided, Visit the links listed. Pray for Wisdom. Take Action. And above all “Be Blessed and Live Well”.

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