How does stress play a role in cancer?

Stress and Cancer, how it plays out.  The Knock Out!

Knock out your stress with hypnosis.

Studies have shown that stress can be a big factor in many illnesses including cancer and chronic stress can cause serious health problems.  Most people already know that stress impacts their life negatively.  Knockout your stress and you’ve gone a long way towards fighting your medical conditions.

Fortunately, there are many ways to deal with stress.  Yoga is one very popular way to deal with your stress, plus it provides you with a fit body and mind.  Exercise of any type is great for you even if your not stressed out as it releases endorphins which can help with mild depression and simply help you feel better.  Do your self a favor and Google for a yoga class in your local area.  Try a yoga class and see how much better you feel.

Meditation and prayer is another great way to deal with stress.  Meditation and prayer allows one to clear their mind of the daily stress which builds up in the fast passed world most of us live in now a days. Meditation and prayer gives you the renewed focus to face another day, new hope and a new lease on life.  Again you can Google for a church in your local area to find out more about the power of prayer.

Sleep is overly underrated.  We need our sleep.  It is critical for a number of reasons most people are not even aware of.  First off sleep allows our bodies the needed time to restore, rebuild and rejuvenate the cells that have been damaged or worn out through out the day.  During sleep our mind does some miraculous things that I didn’t even know about till recently.  Mind healing.  Through out the night you dream and this dream process is allowing the mind to sort out things that are no longer needed.  Without good quality sleep you wake up feeling crappy, tired, and even irritable.  I once asked a lady that was a general manager for a large furniture company how she dealt with a stressful day, she simply replied, I get some sleep.

Hypnosis is one of my favorite ways to deal with stress.  I had always thought of hypnosis as something that entertainers use to mesmerize an audience.  Contrary to that belief, hypnosis is an awesome modality for dealing with stress.  Hypnosis not only can help in relaxation, but can be used to get to the root cause of stress and provide ways to deal with stress that you can’t ride your-self of.  (Example, obnoxious bosses, and co-workers, use Personal Empowerment Program.)

If you don’t know a qualified hypnotherapists you can always go the self-hypnosis way.  I use both.  Below is a link to my favorite Self-Hypnosis trainer and provider of self-hypnosis programs.  In fact she just opened up a new personal development program that I just love.  Its called the Personal Growth Club.  Check it out by clicking on the following link and Victoria Gallagher will teach you for free how to do self-hypnosis through an eight step video training course she provides on-line. Victoria will train you even if you don’t join her club.  You can’t loose.
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I have used her self-hypnosis programs for memory boost, positive thinking, relaxation, staying focused, my back pain relief and better communication.   You can use self-hypnosis for many different problems such as, addictions (sugar, junk food and smoking and others), affirmations, anxiety and stress, athletic improvement, children, creativity help, emotional well being, endorphin power release, health and healing, fears and phobias, law of attraction, learning and memory, love and relationships, mind power, money prosperity, personal development, relaxation, self improvement, sexuality, spirituality and our countries number one problem, weight loss.  Remember that any time you fight off a factor in your life that causes you stress, you have won another round towards a grander, healthier and more enjoyable life.  So get started right now by clicking the above banner to learn how to do self hypnosis.