How to pick your first juicer.

How to pick your first juicer.

This decision should take into consideration several factors, however the most critical thing is to get started juicing now.  Juicing is vitally important to your health in today’s world, because our foods are being grown in soil that is slowly being depleted of the minerals necessary to grow the nutrition rich foods our ancestors enjoyed.  The nutrients your body needs to rebuild and replace the millions of cells that die off each and every day. The nutrients that your body needs to build healthy cells and to protect your DNA.

The process of cooking food also destroys our food killing off the delicate enzymes necessary for optimal health.  Juicing concentrates the amount of fruit and vegetables that you can consume in a drink while removing the fiber which requires digestive energy to process.  Thus, juice provides a tasty nutrient rich drink full of digestive enzymes ready to flood your blood stream and go to work healing and energizing ever nook and cranny of your body.  Juicing helps to counter act the decline in nutrition our Standard American Diet provides.

One factor to consider when choosing a juicer is the cost.  The juicer I now use is the Green Star Elite  Although it is not the most expensive, it is top of the line and provides top of the line nutrition.  Its juicing gears are magnetized and move at slow speeds to provide a cool juice, which prevents  the heating of and destroying of the delicate enzymes as do the masticating style (spinning basket type).  The baskets spin at high speeds and induce heat and oxygen into the juice greatly reducing the shelf life of the drink.  The high speed juicers are a very poor choice for juicing grasses.

Factor two is the quality of the juice.  My first juicer was a Waring Juicer for $69.00. It worked well and had me juicing the next day.  Although the quality of the juice is low compared to the Green Star, I was at least juicing and had begun my healing process.  One thing to watch for in a juicer is putting your finger down the vegetable shoot.  I did this and the juicer took the end off my finger faster than I could pull it back out.  Plus I ruined a nice big juice drink with a lot of blood and finger.  My wife always told me to use the plunger and now I do.  For safety, my Green Star has a smaller shoot diameter which prevents me from doing any thing stupid.

Factor three is not really a factor.  Ease of cleaning.  I just hate to clean and the two juicers I’ve had both take about the same time to clean.  Another juicer called the Hurom Slow Juicer, really caught my eye as it was supposed to be easier to clean and easier to use, however I chose the Green Star as it is rated to provide the best juice.  To me the best juice is the name of the game.  Better juice relates to better health.

Choosing the Green Star, the Champion, the Hurom Slow Juicer or some other juicer, the most important thing is to get a juicer and start juicing.  Oh, there is one other way to go if you absolutely can’t swing a juicer today.  Barley Max today.  Click here to get the Scoop.

When I am short on time and I’m out of juice I Barley Max.  Barley Max is as good as juicing itself, as its special processing provides unprecedented nutritional value and living enzymes.  The ideal way to go is to juice with fresh veggies, fruit and Barley Max. The ultimate why to revitalize your body.  How ever when your in a hurry, Barley Max is great.

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Here’s to your health!

 Comparison of Juice Extractors PDF

Juicer            - Type                 – RPM                                      - Amount of Enzymes
Green Star    - Twin gear         – low heat and speed 110        - High 84%
Champion     – Masticating       – 1725                                      -  Medium 74.5%
Juiceman      - Centrifugal        - pulp ejecting 6300                 – Low 32-51%

See the complete PDF by clicking this link: Juice_Extr_Comp_2007