Where to begin!

I have been ‘beginning’ for over 9 months now. I am not further able to organize and summarize, that alone, assimilate, apply, or process the plethora of knowledge regarding alternative methods, products, or diets, for preventing and curing cancer; than I was when I was told by the doctor that I had stomach cancer on November 26, 2011.

Since that time I have been compelled to attempt to learn about cancer and its prevention or cure. Integrative Health and Wellness has provided the avenue to begin to document my exploration of the possibilities of preventing and curing cancer and to share what I discover with as many people as I can.

There are many un-substantiated web sites, articles, books, CD’s, etc available. My effort and concern is to propose only those sources that are backed by research of reputable organizations, universities, cancer centers, and independent researchers.

Know that this web site is always developing. I cannot wait any longer to begin to share what I have found. However, my findings are miniscule compared to what information is available. Please feel free to share information that you may have with me personally or with Integrative Health and Wellness. (See “Contact Us” Link)

It will save you much time it you will read the “How to Use this Web Site” link. In it we explain the format for developing the IHW website, and how you can find what you may be looking for easily and quickly.

IHW (Integrative Health and Wellness) is a 501c3 Organization. Please review the “About Us” link to see our Mission and Core Values. We are and will strive to be consistent with these core values in all that we do both online and in person.

God Bless You as you explore this site. And as one of my partners says every day to almost every one: “Be Blessed and Live Well”

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