Diet and Nutrition: Juicing saves the day.

I knew that vegetables had to be a big part of my diet if I was going to improve my health.  But how do I eat that much in my busy days?

A friend of mine runs The Center For Inner Silence. He would often talk about how great juicing was.      Then one day my wife and I were out looking around and I spotted it.  A juicer.  Now its not the top of the line, nor did it cost an arm and a leg, so I bought it.  This was one of my greatest decisions that has done more for my health than any other.

I started slowly, trying this and that till I learned to come up with a drink that was super healthy and tasted great also.

My recipe is nothing scientific, although it should be grounded in nutrition basics.  I picked it up from my brother-in-law’s father.  He used it to help a relative fight off cancer, so I thought it ought to be pretty healthy for me.  I simply take a little spinach, parsley, celery, a couple of carrots and a Grany Smith apple.   Sometimes I add a few grapes into the mix or even a lemon or lime to tang it up a little.  Rinse everything and stuff it the juicer.  Out comes a concoction that looks kinda of yucky, but if you close your eyes and just drink it the taste is amazingly pleasant.  Most of all its healthy and combined with a healthy life style, will keep you on top of the world and possibly even cancer free.

Drink your Veges and you will feel a whole lot better.  Like Tony the tiger said, I feel great!

Oct 17th, 2012

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