Diet and Nutrition: Lose weight with out trying.

I am a farm boy from Ohio, 6’2 and one day I tipped the scales at over two hundred and sixty-five big  pounds.  I carried it fairly well, or so I thought, till I looked at a picture someone had taken.  When I tried to tie my shoes I could hardly breath.  My energy level was about gone and I was coming down with colds and the flu way too often. I was suffering from sever heart burn and had allergies that wouldn’t let up. My feet were killing me, which I blamed on walking on cement floors all day, (could it be from all the extra weight I was carrying around?) I had to do something…

My first two things to change was soda pop and ice cream.  Around the holidays in 2010 I quit drinking these very sugary drinks and started drinking water instead.  Then at night instead of having a big bowl of ice cream covered with peanut butter and chocolate chips or caramel topping, I would have pop corn.

Over the following year and a few months, I lost 45 pounds of unhealthy fat. I feel so much better and the last couple of months I have begun to super charge my weight lose by exercising.  I have been losing 3 to 4 pounds a week and will soon be at my target goal of 190 pounds.

I did not do it all at once and some times I struggled with set backs and who cares attitudes, but I always went back and the longer I stayed at it the easier it became to eat better meals and to get the exercise in.  As Tony the Tiger would say,  ”I feel Great ”

My diet began a trend towards Vegan.  The program I use was discovered and perfected by George Malkmus of Hallelujah Acres.  To be brief, George was diagnosed with colon cancer, having a baseball sized tumor.  His Hallelujah Diet allowed his miraculous self-healing body to fight off the cancer for good.  From 1976 on to this day 36 years later he is cancer free and very active, at .

I have been healed of my simple diseases by adopting this simple life style.  It helped Reverend George Malkmus, it helped me, could it help you?  You bet it will.

Keith K. Wilhelm

Nov 22nd, 2012

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