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Heart attack or Heart Burn?

Since I am in my 60′s I have been more concerned about my health. A few years back I began getting heart burn big time and ended up taking Prilosec, and eating Tums by the hand full, to prevent it.  The things I had been devouring caused the burning in my chest that often made me wonder, is this just heart burn or am I about to have a massive heart attack?

My other problems were low energy and overweight.   All of which came about because of poor diet choices.  I had succumbed to the advertising blitzes of the fast food and the you owe it to your-self advertising campaigns from the commercial giants.  Eating out, stopping at the ice cream parlors, stopping for high calorie Cappuccinos, and the snacks I could not get enough of.  One of my favorite dinners out was the very spicy and hot Tex-Mex steaks washed down with sodas.  The hotter the better.  My wife would cringe when she got a whiff of my dinner and her eyes would start to water.

One day to my surprise, as I reached down to tie my shoes, I discovered that I had to hold my breath as my stomach was pushing against my legs and lungs.  I had to do something to turn this around.

As I chewed a few more Tums, and spent time in the hospital because I thought I was having a heart attack, I began to turn things around.  My first was to cut down on the hot stuff.  If I eat it, I would be up all night with a burning in my chest, wondering again, is this heart burn or the big heart attack.  My next surrender was to salad dressings. After about a year of this my heart burn began to disappear.

Not until I changed my diet to include some raw fruits and vegetables and cut out the oils was I able to stop taking Prilosect.   Heart Burn is now a thing of the past for me.  I can even enjoy a mild salsa if I don’t over indulge.  Thank God for the  healing power of fruits and vegetables and the sense to cut down on certain .

I am thankful that I was able to get my heart burn corrected before it became a unrecoverable serious health problem.

Keith K. Wilhelm


Nov 26th, 2012

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