How Can I Use Less Salt?

Ways to use less salt.

We often here from our doctor to use less salt because it is bad for the heart, causes high blood pressure and causes water retention.  This is good advice.

There are many ways to use less salt.  According to a Harvard newsletter, Healthbeat, the average American gets nearly 20 times the salt they need and most of that comes from prepared or  processed foods.  Snack foods, sandwich meats, smoked and cured meat, canned juices, canned and dry soups, pizza and other fast foods, condiments, relishes, and sauces and the list goes on.

They suggest using spices and other flavor enhancers to flavor your favorite dishes.  Healthy fats can add rich flavor without the salt.

Shop for in season produce and you will need less salt do to their heartier flavors.

One other way to go which they didn’t mention is to use unrefined sea salt, instead of the standard table salt which has been stripped of every thing good and left with none of their trace elements.

Mineral-rich unrefined salt, Himalayan Sea Salt and Celtic Sea Salt are basically the same.  Celtic Salt is freshly made and the Himalayan Salt is from an old sea deposit found in the ground. Both salts are excellent.  Celtic Sea Salt comes from the salt marshes on the shores of France where the ocean water is not polluted.

Using these salt provides your body with minerals which you may not get else-where or are available in very small amounts.

A word of caution though, even a healthy salt like Himalayan Sea Salt should be used sparingly.

I have been seeing Himalayan Sea Salt in the grocery stores now.

Tip of the day: Get a spare salt shaker with your favorite unrefined sea salt, I use Himalayan, and keep it in your vehicle for when you eat at a restaurant.  No one in the restaurant has said a word to me yet.

Health News Magazine

Dec 8th, 2012

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  • Jim Freeman says:

    Great dedication to your desire to eat right and stay healthy. You are a very good example for the rest of us.

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