How do I get all those fruits and veggies the new American Diet recommends?

Get your fill of fruits and vegetables the easy way.

I was reading an article about the New American Diet.  Although I do not agree with the diet per se.  The requirements for more fruits and vegetables is promising.  After all, that is where the nutrition, the healing power is available.

Eating a lot of fruit and vegetables can be a challenge and take some time.  Here are a couple of easy tips to boost your consumption of these highly nutritious foods.

Tip one is to juice.

Juicing is a powerful way to get the healthy punch of healing nutrition that vegetables provide.  I call it my fountain of youth.  When you juice a vegetable you pull out all the good stuff and discard the fiber which takes energy to digest.  This powerful juice is ready to digest and goes straight to work in your blood stream healing your body and building healthy new cells while at the same time rebuilding damaged or replacing dead cells.  A never ending job for your miraculous self-healing body.

Tip two is to use a good blender.

Grind up your fruits and vegetables into a smoothie with a blender.   While this is not as potent as a juice, we still need fiber in our diet and these smoothies will provide both fiber and high quality nutrition.  Another use of the blender is to make a salsa type vegetable mix that you can pour over a salad to spice things up a little and at the same time increase you vegetable serving intake.

Both methods increase the amount of vegetables you can ingest for maximize nutrition, healing and also give your’e immune system a super boost.  Now that’s a tasty way to fight off the winter flue.  No nasty side effects.

Be blessed and live well,

Hallelujah Acres


Jan 5th, 2013

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