How Long Can Our Miraculous Self-Healing Bodies Live On Junk Food?

Living On Junk Food.

I just finished reading an article I picked up at Blackhawk Chiropratic in Darlington,  Pa., my personal chiropractor.  The article titled, “Not Eating Your Veggies? It’s No Joke.” published in USA Today, talks about Jay Leno the comedian.  It looks like Jay doesn’t eat his veggies.  Come on Jay if you want to have a long career telling jokes you better start eating your veggies.

Although this article is kinda of old it shows a problem with our society. I wonder how many people read this article and because of it have stopped eating fruits and vegetables.  When people see a respected famous person like Jay Leno they tend to follow their lead, good or bad. Unfortunately.

The article also talks about the “Fruits & Veggies: More Matters.” When you do a search several sites show up.  is the one I believe the article is referring to. They are promoting more veggies and fruits  and say that 1/2 your plate should be fruits and vegetables.  Click or copy the above link to read more about what the government has to say.  They say that eating more fruits and vegetables may help reduce the risk of many diseases, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and some cancers.  I know for a fact that eating a healthier diet with more fruits and vegetables healed my heartburn, stopped my allergies  (I bought my wife a candle for Christmas, a first for years because they caused me allergy problems, no more,) my obesity problem is gone, my energy levels have increased big time, and I just feel great these days.

Another link that shows up is:  They have a listing of the: “Top Ten Reasons to Eat More Fruits & Vegetables.”  This is a very interesting and informative site.  We need more of these to counter the humongous advertising budget of the fast food industry.

People take a look around, our children are being exposed to very unhealthy diets. They are not becoming obese and struck down with adult diseases because they are eating healthy diets.  The hospitals aren’t over crowded because people are eating healthy diets and getting the exercise they need.  No, its because we like to eat what tastes good, what is loaded with sugar, lots of salt, the greasier the better. We like to eat like kings every day.  Have you noticed that everything now comes with bacon on it.  I ordered a salad the other day and had to send it back because it was loaded with fatty bacon.  When will it stop?

I am thankful that more and more restaurants are adding healthy solutions to their menus.  Keep up the healthy additions restaurants, more and more of us want the healthier choice.

Oops, I didn’t answer this posts question.  The article that inspired this post inferred to me that people start looking more at healthy foods at around age 45.  This needs to begin at a much younger age, say 1 day or at birth.  Why, because children are developing muscle, organs,   skeletons  brains, reflexes all the way up into their twenties.  Doesn’t it make sense to feed those bodies a healthy diet?



Jan 12th, 2013

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