How to Lose Weight Without Trying?

Over the years I have tried to lose weight by dieting and exercise.  It would work for a little bit then I would gain back that excess weight and gain more.  It seemed like a loosing battle.  The endless supply of fast food and sweets along with high calorie drinks and coffees loaded with all kinds of tasty sweeteners really pack on the pounds.  Just look around or maybe even just look down at your own belly and you can see the results.

When I started the Hallelujah Diet, my intentions were not for losing weight but for gaining health.  But to my awesome surprise the weight around my belly began to disappear.  The first week I lost almost 10 pounds.  This is not uncommon for a diet.  As the weeks rolled by the weight just keep disappearing and the better I followed the diet the faster the weight melted away.

This diet is for health.  No dangerous pills to take.  One fantastic side affect is the weight control.  Now that I am at my optimum weight I feel great, plus the reasons for the diet in the first place, allergies, severe heart burn and lack of energy, have also disappeared.

Since this new way of eating is a lifestyle change and continues day after day, my health is always healthy and my weight is not coming back.  Hallelujah!!!

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Dec 13th, 2012


  • Edwin says:

    You shouldn’t need to worry about any llgeaities if you are not selling anything. However if you are selling these things you will need a retail license or a business license. I am a Naturopathic Doctor and I sell herbal meds to people. All I have is my business license. However I would be interested in what products you have to offer. If you could send me some samples I would love to try them out. As I end up ordering a lot of my stuff because I don’t have the time to make everything myself dealing with my clientele. I have to much to do because I offer medical information as well as consultations to people in need of my services. You also may want to try nolo law they are a self help legal site. Make a disclaimer stating that you are not a doctor and that you do not claim that these products can cure anything. That will protect you from someone trying to sue you. You make no claims no law suit. Just tell them that they are designed to enhance wellness. Please email me seriously.

  • Hi Edwin, The products I use are from Hallelujah Acres, They only have a limited number of products as when you follow their diet, you get a big part of what your body needs from the raw food you are eating.
    Here is a link to the site: sign up for the free Healthy Living Guide while you are there. They have programs that you might be interested in, just call and tell them I sent you.
    Thanks, and Happy New Year,
    Keith Wilhelm

  • Jim Freeman says:

    Are you familiar with Dr. D’Adamo’s research and diet,”Eat Right for (4) Your Blood Type?’
    If so what is your assessment.

    I am a cancer survivor, I was under Dr. Suzelus’ ( Naturopatic Doctor) care for a year. He suggested i follow this diet. I have. I am cancer free according to both a PET scan (6months ago) and both colon and stomach scopes (3 months ago).

    Just curious

  • Ola says:

    I just found your blog while researching how to crtaee a button and came across your sons story. I just wanted to share that my brother was diagnosed with ALL when he was 18 months old. He also went through many medical treatments such as chemo, radiaiton and marrow transplants but he is a healthy 30 year old man today! I will be praying for your son and your family during this trying time!

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