What Are The Health Benefits Of Carrot Juice?

My wife asked me this morning, “Why do you drink carrot juice?”

My answer, “ because it tastes great and it is super power packed with nutrition and living enzymes.

Carrot juice has been used to enhance diet and help people with cancer and many other diseases. Evangelist Lester Roloff was one to encourage people to eliminate animal foods, refined sugar and grains from your diet and eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.  Lots of carrot juice was to be consumed also.

You can feel the changes in you energy levels. Many people making this diet change are finding that they no longer need to take medicines they have been using, and disease they had began to reverse.  You can view hundreds of testimonials at the Hallelujah Acres web site.

So, if carrot juice can help you recover from disease, and I drink it every day, maybe I’ll never get sick. Rev. Malkmus created the Hallelujah Diet that I follow and he used it to eliminate his cancer.  Today after 35 years he is celebrating 80 years still alive and very energetic and still working.

What’s In Carrot Juice That Makes It So Special.  Carrot juice has a vast array of nutrients and health benefits along with being easily absorbed and highly cleansing.  The nutrients seem to be endless along with being alkalizing and helping to balance the blood’s acidity.

Fresh carrot juice not only reduces cancer risk and helps with its reversal after the cancer  manifests.

Fresh carrot juice has so many benefits and tastes so wonderful I drink every chance I get.

Click on this link to read an article about carrot juice and the miraculous benefits it provides.


Be blessed and live well.

Dec 6th, 2012

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  • Erdal says:

    - there are many other options avlbiaale in the US.The real question is BETTER than chemo or radiation really better? I’m a Cancer survivor who owes his life to chemo and radiation therapy. It worked for me. Cancer Treatment Centers of America bases it’s advertising on providing the most and best therapy’s avlbiaale for Cancer. I may be biased, being an American- but even so, the research I’ve done rates America’s treatments, drugs, and general procedures a healthy cut above the rest of the world. I guess my best advice based on my opinion- would be to go with the usual course of treatment prescribed , unless the prognosis or results were terminal.

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