What Is Raw Food?

What is Raw Food and why should I eat it?

Be Blessed, Eat Well and Live Well

Raw food has finally become the rage and for good reason.  What does Raw really mean?  Raw food is a food full of live probiotics, living enzymes natural vitamins and minerals.  These probiotics and living enzymes are necessary for optimum health and provide our immune system the ability to do this work of protecting our bodies and fighting off disease.   Foods that are processed and or heated to over 105 degrees destroy these necessary and beneficial ingredients.

Raw food should never be heated above 105 degrees because the nutrients that our bodies desperately need are destroyed.  (Note: There is an exception which I will talk about in another post tomorrow. )  Each day our body renews and rebuilds the cells of our body that die off or become damaged from life.  Without the probiotics and living enzymes our bodies can’t renew, then disease begins to set in.

Fresh raw foods are actually alive.  Not only do they taste juicier and sweeter or more tart, they contain probiotic bacteria from the plants ecosystem along with the living enzymes necessary for healthy digestion.  These nutrients are very fragile and will be destroyed with heat.

When you eat an apple you are getting vitamins and minerals along with hundreds of  phytonutrients.  All these work together for our health, building the immune system, renewing damaged cells and replacing old cells.  This is a constant and never ending job when done properly with healthy food. Raw food will keep us running strong year after year.

Another reason to get as much raw food as you can is when we eat processed or fast food and snacks, we are basically getting empty calories,  In other words our bodies are getting a little bit of fuel but nothing to help it rebuild or repair.  After a time as with anything that is not well maintained, the body breaks down.  With fast food and processed foods all the living nutrients are destroyed.  So where does the body get the necessary enzymes it needs to digest this food?  They are taken from the bodies supply of enzymes that are needed to keep us healthy.  You can read more about this by following this link:  http://www.hacres.com/pdf/documents/diet-effectiveness-of-dietary-enzymes.pdf.

Do your self a huge favor and start adding raw food to your diet.  Not just one small salad or an apple at lunch, but strive to add living foods to every meal.  Once you begin to look for some healthy alternatives, you’ll be amazed at how many options you have and how many healthy treats you’ll find.  Why not try some grapes or a cutting up some celery for  a great wonderfully healthy snack.  You’re body, you’re immune system, you’re cells will love you for it.

If you are always too busy you can add living juice to your diet.  I use the Barley Max supplements in my diet plan, because I’m working all the time.  This way I know I’m giving my body everything in the way of nutrition it needs.

Barley Max builds strong, healthy new cells for your body. Barley Max is made from the juice of young organic barley and alfalfa grass. Their processing is designed to keep temperatures below 105 degrees in-order to preserve the delicate enzymatic activity and heat sensitive nutrients.  You get a broad spectrum of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace minerals, which are concentrated making it easy for you’re body to absorb.

Live well and be healthy.


Dec 16th, 2012


  • Angel says:

    havent got all the way though tydoas Daily Dimmick video as it keeps making me cry about 10 seconds in. I think the worst thing of all when Mum was told she was going to die but they’d have a go (5% survival rate from her bowel cancer but we Ukranian girls are made of tough stuff so of course she survived!) and through the surgeries and treatment was convincing Mum that she WOULD live and not to t ake her own life (i intercepted a couple of attempts and talked her out of a couple more) while the thoughts in my head were saying shes going to die you know no matter what you say and do this is futile let her go .. but please dont die. please dont die . She didnt and continues to annoy, love and appreciate me all in one to this day xxxx

  • Sorry to hear about your troubles, life can be tough.
    Best to you and your Mun,

  • Jim Freeman says:

    You are an amazing person. Please take time for yourself to recuperate from those times of giving your all. Do you read the Bible. Try reading the Psalms for peace, strength, comfort, and rest of spirit. Maybe one chapter a day…just a suggestion.
    God Bless,

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