What’s killing us in the Standard American Diet?

Why getting sick is not the norm, unless your on the Standard American Diet?

Researchers of the China Study made the following statement based on their findings;

“By now, you have certainly gotten the message that animal-based foods should be replaced by plant-based foods as much as possible.”

The China Study is the most diverse scientific research project ever to be conducted by the scientific community showing the relationship between various diets and resulting diseases.  Dr. T. Colin Campbell conducted this major research project as director at Cornell University in New York.

This study shows the link between nutrition and heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  Pointing out the effects of various diets and their relationship to disease.  The researchers gathered information from 80 million Chinese in 65 counties.  Results from diet to diet are amazing.

The American Dietetic Association according to a paper published in Pub Med also agrees.  Read about it by following the link to their paper:  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19562864

Information for this post came from Hallelujah Acres article by George Malkmus;

How to Stop Cheating on The Hallelujah Diet

Feb 13th, 2013

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