Whats the catch to a healthy body?

Hallelujah Acres Health Tips

The above link to Rev. George Malkmus’s health tips tells us we have to do more than just adding some vitamins and minerals to our diet, or beginning to exercise, or just simply getting enough sleep every night.  I know of one man that went to bed every night at 9:00.  If he had company, he simply got up and said its my bedtime, goodnight and off he went.  He didn’t even wait for his company to leave.  He was well rested.

Although these tips are great for your health there is still one more critical health tip that is a must to have ultimate health.  Many people overlook this tip and many more simply ignore this important aspect of optional health.

Probably one of the most important, most critical steps to having optimal health is learning what foods you are consuming that are dangerous to your health.  Check out our dangerous foods chart, then begin to replace these  items with healthier versions and watch your-self blossom.  Watch your health improve, your energy levels kick into high gear and your ability to think clearly come back.

If you are having physical problems many times these will either go away in a few days or weeks or the stubborn ones may take a year or so.  Healthy foods feed into your system means your magnificent self healing body can begin to blossom again.


Nov 26th, 2012

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