Mission / Core Values

Integrative Health & Wellness Corporation

We ‘come along side’ to help develop pathways to individual creative potential and wholesome living through providing information, training, and caring services, thus facilitating purposeful living.

 Mission Statement

Integrative Health & Wellness Corporation is a nonprofit charitable institute working in collaboration with local health agencies, medical providers, and other civic, social, and faith-based organizations.

We are passionately devoted to serving the community through facilitating the personal discovery and motivational development of pathways leading to creative potential and purposeful living.

Our specific objective is to help individuals and families to acquire optimal health and wellness through disease prevention, health screenings, educational training, instructional programming, and the provision of accessible and affordable apposite care, goods and services.

Core Value

We fundamentally believe that every human life is a sanctioned and sacred entity; divinely created with the God-given birthright of inimitable value, dignity, and creative potential to reach optimal health and wellness.

We fundamentally believe that every individual is entitled to the prerogative of and obtaining optimal health and wellness.

We fundamentally believe the human being is created as spirit, soul, and body; each part integrally related, identifiably separate, and communicative with each other, facilitating the potential achievement of optimal health and wellness.

We fundamentally believe that ethical and morally responsible conduct creates an environment which is essential to facilitating optimal health and wellness.

James L. Freeman,  M.Ed.

Keith K. Wilhelm, author, principle investigator, tech support, web designer.