Cancer Survival: Traditional verses

What is the right approach to cancer?

The Baby or the Bath Water?

Let’s talk about this idea of ‘integrative’ approach to fighting cancer. I have already said that ‘time was not on my side’. I literally had no choice about the path I was to take in combating cancer. There was less than three days between the day I found I had cancer and the operation.

I discovered ‘the other approach’ of dealing with cancer ‘naturally’ through diet, exercise, stress reduction, prayer, and life style changes AFTER the fact. (all of these ‘steps’ to dealing with cancer are found on our website:

However, God does not waist steps! My operation saved my life. How I stay healthy, how I build my immune system, how I build my strength back, and how I live my life differently is up to me. I believe that using both traditional wisdom and methods in conjunction with the naturopathic approach is the right choice for me.

Study our website, and connect with the plethora of references, resources, and web sites we have gathered for your Health, Wellness, and Cancer free living!

Nov 29th, 2012

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