What is a Healthy Diet?

Let’s Get Healthy and Have Some Fun Again!

Over the river and through the woods… as the old story goes.  I grew up on a farm, doing all the good old farm boy things, like playing in the woods.  Our family ate very well, or so I thought.  I never went hungry, quite the contrary, once in awhile I went to bed stuffed.  Our pantry was full of vegetables from the garden, fruit from the orchard. The freezer and smoke house was full of meat from the beef and hogs we raised. For breakfast we often had eggs from the two chicken coops where 200 chickens resided.  It was my job quite often to go fight the chickens for their eggs.  Two accent the eggs we had our choice of bacon, sausage, ham or steak along with a big glass of fresh unpasteurized milk.  Toast was often topped with butter and jam that was canned by our wonderful Mom.   We ate well and worked harder.

As I grew older my doctor welcomed me to the over fifty crowd and warned me about eating high cholesterol and fried foods.  Keith, she said, these foods get in your arteries and clog them up. They make you fat and cause other problems.  I often wonder if this is one of the reasons my father passed away from a heart attack at 53…  Smoking didn’t help either.  My brother a fast food junky, had his first heart attack of many, along with cancer at age 47.

I wonder?

As time went by my health started to decline.  Was it old age or was it my diet?

I now totally believe that with out a shadow of a doubt, diet is the number one cause of my problems. Because when I started juicing in-order to get more nutrition for my body to heal itself, along with cutting out the high cholesterol foods as my doctor suggested, my health turned around, heart burn, allergies, obesity, low energy and joint pains began to disappear.  The pills I took never helped me get better until I changed my diet, then I didn’t need them.

I’m sold on my new diet.  People tell me they would never eat a diet like I do with all that rabbit food.  Yet others see what I eat for lunch and say that looks great, that looks very healthy, want to share?

As Tony the Tiger would say, I feel Great!!!  I have to confess, I did get a cold after a great friend visited this winter for a week and showed up with a horrible cold. She was still fighting that cold a few weeks latter.  I was over it in two days and missed the coughing spells.

The choice is yours.  It can be tough, but for me it out weighs the alternative, being sick, tried, over weight, spending a fortune on doctor bills, becoming disabled, suffering through cancer or maybe worse yet, chemo and radiation.   (How many people do you know that are bankrupt because of outrageous medical bills?)  The cost of an unhealthy diet is tremendously high, when you look at your poor health, the cost of eating fast food daily, the cost of doctor visits, the cost of medicine, the cost of missed work, the costs of taking too many supplements, get the picture?

Be blessed and live well.

Aug 20th, 2012

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